AlienFast is a SaaS venture development firm that is privately held amongst a small set of partners.


We invest our time and expertise with our partners and investors to bring their ideas to market.


In our collective years of advising, mentoring, and developing hundreds of operational, B2B and mobile applications for hundreds of different companies, we have experienced much while maintaining a curiosity about others’ decisions and their impacts on the success or failure of their businesses. Many of these businesses used a significant portion of their investment to develop the same kind of core technology concerns. When building businesses in isolation, this was necessary, but looking at the bigger picture, we saw an opportunity.

We set out to find a way that we could not only survive, but sustain and profit by leaning on our extensive experience with strategy, operations, technology and design. AlienFast is the culmination of our effort to create many first-class companies focused SaaS products without the duplication - decreasing risk and making profitable many opportunities.

AlienFast has made the upfront investment in time and technology to accelerate each business endeavor.

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AlienFast can bring a SaaS product to market faster and more effectively than any alternative, all while preserving the startup’s cash.


Each company we create will be a well-rounded partnership that can gain confidence and execute in their market. Every company has different needs and concerns; AlienFast can minimally commit to being a technology partner, and dependending on the situation, may be the controlling partner that will bring the SaaS product to market.

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Technical co-founder? Operations? Design? Let’s talk and see where we can go.