We are SaaS company builders.


From the back of the napkin to an operating company, we partner with others to build, operate and grow SaaS companies.


We are SaaS company builders: entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, operators, technologists, and designers.

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Many good ideas are never realized because a founder cannot find or fund the right team to execute their vision.

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AlienFast works with each founder to determine what they need to form a strong team capable of executing their vision. We have an experienced team of mentors, technologists, designers, and operators. We have built a shared technology platform to accelerate time to market and enable fast iteration to achieve problem/solution fit. Our technology platform is built to operate at scale and enable a founder to grow quickly and build value far into the future.

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The further a founder can delay funding, the more valuable the company will become, and more equity can be retained. An investment from AlienFast can help founders get further, faster, then allow them to choose to continue bootstrapping, or be in a more powerful position to raise venture capital at a better valuation.


All manner of SaaS ideas are of interest to AlienFast and we enjoy hearing pitches. Let’s talk and see where we can go!


Together, let's build something people want.